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Repair Your Credit, Reclaim Your Life!

The Results You Want: NBCC Highlights

  • 640 FICO® score or your Money Back Guarantee – “If your score does not rise to a 640 or better while you are enrolled in our program, we refund your money, no questions asked.”  Most of their clients get to 640 within 4 to 6 months…the key word being FICO® score.
  • Primarily focused on qualifying for a mortgage, not just raising your credit score in general…they understand the difference between a “Lender Pull” and a “Consumer Pull”.
  • Strong focus on not just eliminating negative credit, but building positive credit.
  • Provide you with resources to build positive trade lines and TRAIN you how to use them for maximum boost to your score.
  • Your fee is capped at either $800.00 if you pay for it all up front OR $900.00 if you pay in 4 monthly installments of 225.00 each.
  • There is also a $200.00 discount for each additional family member enrolled.

The Support You Need

The idea of having a local company whom our clients could meet with face-to-face was very appealing to us.  But our experience was extremely disappointing as ALL of them were here today and GONE tomorrow!  Not reliable and therefore not good enough for our clients.

Another challenge was the affordability.  We found companies charging anywhere from $350.00 to $2,500 for a single person.  Some had payment plans and some didn’t.  More often we saw companies charging a low start-up consultation/start-up fee with on-going monthly fees until the credit repair was completed–whether that took 6 months, 12 months or more who knows?!!!

“If the company I hire is paid very little upfront but has on-going monthly fees…
are they not inherently incentivized to keep me on as a client for as LONG as possible???
After all, the longer I’m in their credit repair program, the more money they make!
Can I truly trust that they are working on my credit as swiftly and aggressively as possible?”
The answer is NO.  The likely result will be you paying MORE in the long run.

We  also saw many companies charging different monthly fees for varying levels of service.  Understanding your credit score & how to repair it can feel overwhelming enough.  Then having to decide what level of service
you need…well, how are you supposed to know that?  We understand that everyone’s credit situation is different.  Some folks will need more work than others.

Again, from a business perspective, one could argue that this type of structure demonstrates that they can and do “work less” on the lower paying plans and could very well be  designed to UPSELL you on a higher plan when you’re not getting results with a lower paying plan.  The ultimate result costs you MORE in the LONG RUN.

We have a problem with this type of structure. From a business perspective, this type of arrangement although more “budget-friendly” on the front end, it begs the question:

Education For Life

Most credit repair companies we checked out only talk about removing and/or disputing NEGATIVE items on your credit report as their scope of services.  Yes, during their consultation they may discuss the need to build POSITIVE and ACTIVE trade lines (you need at least 3 to qualify for a home loan).

They may tell you to go get a secured credit card and pay it off every month so that it reports positively to your credit, but they don’t provide you any resources to obtain these trade lines.  You’re on your own. More importantly, they DO NOT TEACH you how to USE these trade lines in the most effective way.  In fact, folks can be paying off their credit line every month on time or even early, BUT their credit score is actually TANKING and getting LOWERED because they are not using it properly!

We have seen with our own eyes that there is method to the madness…almost like a GAME you have to play…but they (the credit bureaus that determine your score) don’t make the rules of that game very easy to figure out.

I’m sure you’ve read enough.  Maybe you finally have some validation for all your frustrations in trying to restore your credit.  It’s not your fault…the systems and resources we saw available seem to be DESIGNED to KEEP YOU IN THE DARK and perpetually keep you paying for ongoing credit repair and continuing to pay higher interest rates,  required deposits, paying higher car insurance rates, getting denied for credit, the list goes on.

Wondering How Credit Repair Can Work for You?

Contact NBCC for a FREE consultation and they'll answer all of your questions. Input your information so our team can follow-up about how credit repair plays a role in our program.

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."
— Christopher Parker

"Remember that credit is money." 
--Benjamin Franklin

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
— Henry David Thoreau.

"The only failure lies in failure to start." 
—Harold Blake Walker

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